What is Garnishing? - Why Garnishing important in Fruit and Vegetable Carving

The word Garnish comes from french word "garnir" which means "to decorate or publish.

In the culinary world, it means to use food as an attractive decoration.

It is something that should add real value to the dish by increasing its nutritional value and visual appeal.

Garnishing Guidelines

1. Be sure flavor is compatible  with the food on which it is served.

2. Keep color in mind. The color should complement the food.

3. Consider the size of the food and the container. it it's  too large it may overpower the food.

4. Do not over-garnish food.

5. Keep in mind the cost when working in a food service operation. The cost of the garnish should not  add
too much to the cost of  the item. 

Written by SoNeL

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