Guidelines for arranging foods on a plate ~ Garnishing

Guidelines for arranging foods on a plate

  1. Strike a balance between overcrowding the plate and leaving large gaps of space. Foods should not touch the plate rim.
  2. Choose the focal point for the plate. Design the plate with the highest point to the rear or center. Avoid placing  foods of equal heights around  the edge of the plate-leaving a hole in the center -the eye will naturally be drawn to the gap.
  3. The plates composition should flow naturally. for example, make the highest point at the back of the plate  and have the rest of the food become gradually shorter toward the front of the plate.

Plate dusting 
  •  Cover the entire plate with a dusting of powdered sugar, cocoa powder or both before placing the dessert on the plate.
  • Can be dusted on with a shaker can or a sifter.
  • Can be dusted on free-form  or use a template such as doily or stencil. 

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