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All you will need is a good knife, a few toothpicks, some fresh fruit, and your imagination.  I am self taught and have made a few centerpieces for various summer occasions

In  other posts I have included photos of some of carvings including a watermelon rose, parrot, various flowers and more. Some of these are a bit more advanced, but a cantaloupe swan is a perfect starting point. Here I will guide you through constructing a beautiful and tasty swan.

 1 )   What we need

Picture of What we need
It is best to work with fruit that will not brown when left out for extended periods of time.  I try to refrain away from using apples, bananas, etc since those fruits will oxidize.  Your best friend to prevent oxidation is lemon juice and cold water.

some of the common fruits and vegetables we use to sculpt with:
honeydew melon , watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries, kiwi, squash, carrots, potatoes
radishes, grapes, peppers, celery, green onions, leeks

2 )   Making a swan

For a swan you will need to use a rounded fruit and the only materials needed are toothpicks and a knife.  Before cutting into the melon practice the technique on an apple, it works just as well.

To begin we cut off one side (about two inches worth) of the melon to make a flat bottom.  Do not throw this piece away as this will be used to carve the head.

Curve Fruit to make it
3)    Carve the swans head

Using the extra piece from the bottom level the curved side and cut off the rind to make a one inch thick piece of melon and carve it into a basic swan shape.  Essentially this is a hook shape with a larger head and pointed beak. Place this aside until the body is curved.

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