Watermelon Roses

Watermelon Roses
1)   Take watermelon and cut in equally half. Get on half and leave the other   half behind.

2)   Cut a 1inch thick slice. Cut it vertically. This should be a long slice.

3)  Take the slice and cut it into 4 pieces. Make it as equal as possible. Think about cutting a

4)  Take one piece then cut out a square. Don't include the green part.

5)  Cut off the bottom 4 edges of the square.

6)  Cut small pieces off the 4 edges on top.

7)  Carve some "C" on the corners. Make it thin. You should make 3 "C".

8)  Carve some "V" around the center. Again, make it thin. You should make 2 "V".

9)  Carve a small "O" in the middle. Only one "O".

10) Smooth the edges for a better shape. You should now make a rose like shape. You can repeat the steps       until you get the desired amount...watch above video for better idea.

Written by SoNeL

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