Vegetable and fruit Carving Competition - Guidelines

                        Fruit and Vegetable Carving Competition format & guideline
Participants are to carve, present and display within two hours, their finished product
following the declared theme. Artistic skill in carving will have great impact on scores.

                                              SPECIFIC GUIDELINES
1. Participants are required to provide their own working tools, fruits and vegetables 
    to be used in the competition. No power tools allowed.
2. Watermelon, Papaya, Squash, Radish or Taro are the fruits and vegetable required
     to be used as the main materials for carving. (Small quantity/portion of other fruits
    and vegetables are  allowed but should not dominate the identified main materials
    for carving.
3. A concept for the “art” can be made. This may be a banquet or buffet centerpiece.
4. Space provided for entry set-up is 70 cm x 70 cm. Height limit is 70 cm.
5. No pre-slicing, carving or preparation of vegetables before the competition. No
     mark or drawings should be visible on the fruit and vegetables. Coordinators and
    judges will check  the materials before the start of competition. Any materials with
    marks or drawings will be taken out.
6. Accessories like wires, pins, Styrofoam, adhesive and toothpicks are not allowed.
7. Participants can use props, linens to enhance the total presentation of their entries;
    however, this will not be included in judging.
8. Participants will register with the Organizing Committee two (2) hours before the
    actual start of competition. Competitors who are late will be disqualified.
9. Time allotment for the competition is two hours. Going beyond the allotted time
     will mean  a penalty of one point per minute, which will be subtracted from the 
     total score.
10. Participants should not have any form of identification in their competition clothes
      or uniform.All utensils and other paraphernalia should not bear any logo or
      identification marks of the establishment represented.
11. Entries will be displayed until 4:00 p.m. on the competition day. Organizer may 
     dispose any  uncollected exhibits after 4:30 p.m. on that day.

Degree of Difficulty 0 - 30 points
Artistic Achievement 0 - 20 points
Work Involved and Work Details 0 - 30 points
Originality 0 - 20 points

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