Thai fruit carving lessons ~ History

The detailed techniques used in both fruit and vegetable carving came to the U.S. from Asia, where it has been practiced for more than a thousand years. 

The traditional styles come from China, Thailand and Japan. The Chinese style is perhaps the oldest, and is said to  have originated during the Tang Dynasty in the 6th century. In the traditional Chinese style, carvings are often three-dimensional and crowned with small animal figurines. 

In Thailand the art is called kai-sa-luk, and is said to have had its beginnings in The Royal Palace, Sukothai, about 700 years ago. Because it was once feared that this art would be lost, today it is taught in schools from the early grades through university. The other traditional style of carving, mukimono art, comes from Japan and is said to have been popular during the Edo period, 1600-1800. Classic mukimono carvings typically have clean, precise lines.

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