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The art of carving fruit can be highly detailed when done by experts, simpler carvings can be used in daily production, such as those shown here, which can be completed in from 2 to 15 minutes.

Even though many carvings are made with just a paring knife, there are specific toolkits that contain from six pieces at the basic level to 87 cutting pieces used by expert carvers. Certain fruits, such as papayas, canary melons, watermelons and Chinese melons, lend themselves well to carving, but almost any fruit can be carved into something beautiful. Some of the more unusual fruits that work well are plums and rhubarb,

Fruit carving

 Fruit and vegetable carving, which is often a major component of a garde manger's skill set, is rarely taught in U.S. culinary schools; however, videos and seminars can be found on the Internet. although advanced skills take years and an innate artistic skill to master, simple techniques for daily production can be learned quickly and used to add the "wow" effect to a fruit display.

 With so many styles, techniques and skills displayed in fruit carving, it is yet another area of culinary arts that should be learned, and one that will help to elevate our profession to an even higher level.

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