fruit carving bird ~ Swan carving art

We are trying to give few tips to make a swan out of a watermelon. Cut a big chunk from one end of the watermelon so that it can sit on a table. No more wobbling. Trace out the swan on a tracing paper then tape it onto the watermelon and trace it out. Use dark markers or the sharp tip of a knife to trace the design. Once the design is done, cut out the design right through the rind. Be careful while doing so as the beak and the wings should be intact. The beak especially being small may just fall off.

Hollow the eyes with a knife. Do not remove the unnecessary parts by taking them out all at one time. Draw out four parts and then slowly remove each part. It may take more time but it certainly brings out a better job. Trim the feathers of the swan slowly, so that they are not too thick and take care that they do not get too thin. Fill the empty melon with cut fruits. So it looks like a fruit dish.


Written by SoNeL

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